About Page (Blaze)

Who I am and What I am about

Hi everybody…what’s happening?

I’m Blaze, and this is my blog about running a specialty travel company.

My idea for this is that it will be informational and at the same time, personal.

There are tons of people out there who plan their own travel. They’ll get on Expedia or Travelocity or Kayak or one of those sites and get their whole trip planned by themselves.

Then there’s the population segment that wants someone else to manage the planning for them. They don’t want to dink around with finding flights and nailing down itineraries and booking hotels and all that.

That’s where travel companies like mine come in.

My company goes one layer deeper. My company plans tours specifically for the Disney lovers out there. I don’t mean that I plan tours to Disney. I mean I take Disney lovers and we tour the world, usually with a stop at one of the international Disney parks.

I know, it’s pretty specialized. You’d be surprised at how much business I have, though.

The most popular thing is the Disney cruise. I take groups on that and then we peel off and do our own thing away from the cruise. It works out well. People love it.

I run this company with my partner. Alejandro. We’ve been business partners for ten years, and we’ve seen the company grow from just a seedling into a fully established enterprise.

So anyway, this blog is about the business and running it and planning tours. There are stories to tell and memories to relate that will have you smiling, I’m sure.

I’m not looking for comments or input. If you feel compelled to comment, I’ll apologize in advance, because there are no comment boxes, and you will be frustrated. Sorry about that.

Alright, well, here we go. Thanks for joining me!


P.S. About my site name. Try to ignore it, if you can. I thought I was picking something else, and I accidentally clicked on the wrong thing and ended up with logocam.tv, which isn’t even close to what I thought I was getting!