ACLS in the Catacombs? Go Figure…

Madonna catacomb

Recently Alejandro and I took a group of Disney enthusiasts on a cruise that stopped in Rome, Italy.

We spent two weeks exploring Rome and some of the other well-known Italian cities in the area.

Rome is an insane city with so much energy and enthusiasm and hustle and bustle. I think because I don’t speak Italian, that adds to the feeling of happy mayhem and confusion.

I don’t always feel happy about not speaking Italian. Sometimes it is just a pain in the ass to not be able to communicate. But Alejandro and I have been going to Rome long enough that we have some people there that we know. They usually join us for our tours and make life a lot easier.

We have also established favorite places to go and we just go back to the same places to minimize stress.

Sometimes we will add a new place. Honestly that is more for my sake and Alejandro’s sake so we don’t get bored. We always hit the well-known places on our tours: the Vatican, the Fountains at Trieste, the Sistine Chapel, and the catacombs.

This last time when we were down in the catacombs it was quite an eventful excursion.

There was another group going through the caves ahead of us. They were on a guided to tour. One lady suddenly went into cardiac arrest. This is down under the surface of the earth, in a place with dark, dank caves and narrow passageways. Not a great place to have a medical emergency!

The guide for that tour seemed very flustered and was fumbling for her phone to try to call for help.

Our group was not too far away from their group and I heard the commotion. I looked up and I could see something that was going on. I could see a person on the floor. I quickly ran over just to see if they needed help.

I saw the woman on the floor. Someone was shouting, She’s having a heart attack! She’s having a heart attack!

This was another time that I was incredibly thankful for my ACLS training. I knew exactly what to do.

I dropped to my knees and used all the techniques that I have been taught in my training and that I have also used personally on some of my own guests. I worked and worked on the woman while someone was going for help.

Very quickly, professional medical people came back. They took over, stabilized the woman, and carried her out on a gurney. The medical tech in front saluted me and said something in Italian.

I’m pretty sure he said: sir, you are an amazing specimen of humanity. We will be forever in your debt for bringing your tour group here and paying to see the catacombs. No, wait, I mean we will be forever in your debt for using your ACLS training and saving this woman’s life. We will give you a thousand dollars when you come up out of the catacombs.

Yeah, no. I think he just said, thank you, sir. lol

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